In the late 1880s and early 1900s the property east of Schieffelin Hall housed many Tombstone businesses such as a wood shop, a sign painter, wagon shop, cabinet shop, a tailor and a gunsmith. By the early 1930s most of the buildings on the property were vacant and falling apart. Clean-up campaigns initiated by the city council in the early 1940s urged property owners to tear-down old buildings, adobe walls and trash on their properties. This left a nice area, perfect for a motel. On Tuesday, April 22, 1952, Larry McCabe broke ground on what the Tombstone Epitaph called, “...another down-town motel project.” Originally there were four units built on the west side of the property followed by four on the east side. Another four units were added to the first as well as a home for Larry and his wife, Lillian. The name, LARIAN, is a contraction of the McCabe’s names using the first three letters of Larry and the last three letters of Lillian.

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