Sierra Vista Unified School District is eight elementary and secondary schools in Sierra Vista, AZ.

In 1915, a one-room building opened its doors as the Buena school in order to serve the growing population of settlers around the gates of Fort Huachuca. K-8 students were instructed for 40 years in that adobe brick building located approximately where the Chili’s restaurant in Sierra Vista, AZ stands today. Shortly after the incorporation of The City of Sierra Vista, Arizona, the residents felt that their city needed its own high school and school district. Carmichael School was built in Sierra Vista in 1956 serving grades K-12, and the Sierra Vista Unified School District was born.

While we maintain our strong heritage, we have come a long way since our days teaching behind adobe walls. Today our school district has six Elementary Schools, one Middle School and one High School. We have nearly 6,000 students in our district. All of our schools are rated as either Highly Performing or Performing Plus by the Arizona Learns system and both our graduation rate and AIMS scores are higher than the state average and those schools within the same peer group. 

Our teachers are dedicated to education and have more years of experience than the Arizona state and peer group average. Additionally, 127 of our teachers hold either a masters or doctorate degree. All are highly certified ambassadors of education.