Welcome to the new Hummingbird Senior Resort Living community in Sierra Vista where you may be pleasantly surprised. People are having fun, they are laughing, the staff is cheerful, and the atmosphere it’s energetic, fun, and cozy all at the same time. We invite you to take it all in. Imagine what it would be like to live in a community where so much is going on. To do all the things you’ve put off for years. To have so much fun and so many choices. Hummingbird Senior Resort Living is truly more of a resort than a retirement community. Have as much fun as possible with peace of mind as well. Enjoy your own private apartment home. Live as you always have, but without having to mow the lawn, fix a leaky pipe, or even vacuum. Wouldn’t you rather relax and concentrate on more important things? We want to invite you to tour our community and make it your next home.

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