Why You Should Get Fit With Friends

Whether you are a veteran of the local gym or someone who wants to begin a new workout routine—but isn't sure how to do that—an exercise group or class may be the solution for your fitness goals. There are a variety of reasons that group training is so popular, but the biggest one is that it actually works. How can you benefit from adding an organized Zumba or yoga class to your routine?

Get Motivated

We are social creatures. There's nothing like the effect a group of your peers sharing and working together toward common goals has on encouraging you to reach for the stars. Whether you are expanding your workout routine or just getting off the couch, knowing that there are a bunch of your friends ready to run down the path of personal health with you can make all the difference between success and frustration.

Built-In Trainer and Information

If you're interested in learning to work the circuit or are exploring the world of yoga, there's a lot of information needed to achieve your goal efficiently and safely. Group classes include an instructor—an expert ready to explain equipment, proper posture and technique. Having that safety net right next to you will increase your confidence and willingness to go for the next level once you've accomplished the basics. You could spend hours researching your next workout, or you could learn by example from a trainer you trust.

Friendly Accountability

Every person who has ever set a personal goal likely has reached that plateau of depression, disinterest and doubt. Does it really matter if I miss my workout?One of the benefits of group training is that there's someone there to give you a nudge on those days when you'd rather just binge Netflix. Your friends in your Zumba class will notice when you are absent, if you are always missing warm-ups or if you seem to have lost your motivation, and they'll hold you accountable. You really don't have to walk this fitness path alone. The success of the group is equally important to all participants, and you will benefit from all that positive mojo.

So what are you waiting for? Hit up a group fitness class today! Start your 14-day free trial at Summit Fitness in Sierra Vista, AZ.