Why Are Hip Fractures So Problematic for Seniors?

For seniors, falls are a leading cause of death and disability. And unfortunately, with age comes an increased risk of falls. This is often due to reduced vision, impaired balance, and side effects from medications. And because of underlying health issues like osteoporosis, seniors are more likely to suffer a fracture in a fall. Hip fractures are particularly devastating for seniors because of the significant risks involved. Seniors Might Not Fully Recover Researchers have studied the issue of hip fractures in seniors extensively. By comparing the pre-fracture functioning level of seniors to their functioning level after the health event, researchers have determined that fewer than half of seniors who suffer a hip fracture will fully recover to their pre-fracture functioning. It’s common for seniors to have difficulty getting around and staying physically active. Climbing stairs is particularly problematic after a hip fracture. Seniors May Suffer Complications Any health event places a senior at a risk of secondary complications. One of the biggest risks lies in remaining immobile for an extended period of time during the initial recovery. This increases the chances of blood clots, bedsores, urinary tract infections, and pneumonia. Seniors Need Additional Assistance For the seniors who are unable to fully recover from a hip fracture, additional support is needed on an indefinite basis. Some seniors may continue to live in their own home, but will require the use of a walker or other assistive devices. They may also require a home health aide. Some seniors need extra help with the activities of daily living, like bathing, dressing, and ambulating. It’s quite common for seniors to have to move to an assisted living home after suffering a hip fracture. However, those who undergo intensive inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation following the health event may be able to regain some functioning and a measure of independence. If you or a loved one requires skilled nursing care while recovering from a hip fracture, you can rely on the friendly team of professionals at Life Care Center of Sierra Vista. They offer inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation within a positive, nurturing setting. You can call their location in Sierra Vista, AZ at (520) 458-1050.

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