Troubleshooting Internet Connectivity Problems

Nothing is more frustrating than sitting down to do work or stream a movie or game only to find that your internet connection is not working. Internet connectivity problems always seem to happen at the worst time, but if you know how to troubleshoot connection issues, you could find that there is an easy solution to the problem you are having. These tips will help you troubleshoot your connection so that you can get back online quickly.

Check Other Devices

If you find that one of your devices will not connect to the internet, a good place to start troubleshooting is by checking your other devices. If you can get on the internet on your phone but not your computer, then you know the issue is with the device and not the connection itself. If you can’t get any devices to connect to your network, then there may be a network problem instead of a device issue. When you check the devices, check the network settings and see what systems they are connected to. If, for instance, your phone is connected to a hot spot network and your home network is not showing up on your computer, then it can indicate a network issue.

Do a Virus Scan

Sometimes, a virus can interfere with your device’s ability to connect to the internet. By running a virus scan, you will be able to determine if you have a virus or some other kind of malware that is affecting the performance of your device. Note that some viruses will trigger scam warnings telling you need to call a phone number to disable it. Never call such a number and seek help from a known computer service company, if necessary.

Scan for Updates

Sometimes, being behind on updates is enough to cause internet connectivity problems. If you are behind in updates, installing them could reverse any problems you’re having with the internet.

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