Staying Physically and Mentally Sharp in the Nursing Home

As our loved ones age, it is vital that they engage in activities to stay physically and mentally sharp. This will increase their overall quality of life, and it will help them to better manage conditions like diabetes. In this article, we will discuss certain things that nursing home residents can do to keep their minds and bodies in good shape.

Pool Exercises

One of the best ways for seniors to get moving is to get in the pool and to participate in exercises like calf raises and bicep curls. Other exercises will be easier to do than on land, because the water provides buoyancy and reduces the strain to ligaments and muscles. In addition, the water will create resistance, and this will give muscles the opportunity to stay strong. Heated pools provide an even greater degree of support for seniors, as they endeavor to stay active.

Aerobic Exercising

It is important for seniors to get their heart rates up in order to maintain cardiovascular health, and this can be done in several ways. Brisk walking can provide a good low-impact workout, and, many seniors enjoy playing a variety of games on the Wii. Interactive video games can improve cognitive function and reflexes, and they keep the user entertained while promoting movement.

Puzzles and Games

Word finds and crossword puzzles are both great ways to enhance mental function, and seniors can play puzzle games on the computer as well. In addition, a good old-fashioned game of cards can keep players alert, and the activity has the added bonus of providing human contact as well. Board games can be a welcome diversion, a chance to sit with friends, and it can be an occasion to employ strategy as players compete against one another. A bit of healthy rivalry and laughter can go a long way to improving mental health.

Life Care Center of Sierra Vista provides an array of activities designed to keep the seniors in their care facility happy and healthy. From exercise machines to in-house therapy, their focus is on creating an environment that best supports a well-balanced lifestyle.