Pros and Cons of Buying a New Car

Pros and Cons of Buying a New Car

Whether you’re looking for your first car or your fifth, one of the most important decisions to consider is whether you will purchase a new car or a used one. Consider the following pros and cons of buying a new car as you get ready to head to your local dealership to start car shopping.

Pro: Get Exactly What You Want

When you’re looking at used cars, you can’t be picky about the different features—you simply have to choose from what’s currently available. When buying a new car, you get to select everything from the car’s exterior color to the upholstery fabric and technological features, making it easy to find your dream car.

Pro: Feel Secure about Your Car’s History and Warranty

It’s impossible to know about every problem and incident a pre-owned car has been through. When you purchase a new car from a dealership, you can rest assured that the vehicle is in excellent condition with no prior accidents or issues. In addition, new cars come with a full warranty, so if a problem does occur within the first few years, the manufacturer will repair it.

Con: Pay a Higher Price

The advantages that a new car offers do come with a higher price tag. In addition to paying a higher price to begin with, you may also end up paying more in interest if you take out a car loan, and you may have to purchase more expensive insurance to cover your new car.

Con: Lose More Money to Depreciation

When you drive your new vehicle off the lot, its value will immediately begin to depreciate. Since used cars are worth significantly less than new cars, you will most likely not be able to sell your car for the same price that you bought it for, even if you’ve only owned it for a short time.

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