How to Help an Older Adult Learn to Use the Internet

Many seniors are already tech-savvy. They enjoy using the internet to stay in touch with family and friends, plan their next trip, or access their retirement plans. However, some older adults don’t have this knowledge. They would like to learn how to use the internet, but aren’t quite sure how to go about it. You can help your senior loved one get started with the following tips.

Identify a specific goal.

In time, your senior loved one may be able to expertly navigate the web. Initially, however, it’s best to keep things simple. Get started by discussing the possibilities and help your senior loved one identify just one specific goal. For example, he or she might want to learn how to access an online healthcare portal, play a web-based Sudoku game, or use email to keep in touch with loved ones.

Use simple language and write down the steps.

Once you’ve identified the first goal, introduce your senior loved one to the basic components of the computer, like the mouse or touchscreen. Then, explain how the web browser will let him or her access different websites. Keep the language simple and don’t overload him or her with unnecessary information. For instance, your loved one doesn’t need to know about bookmarks or web browser plugins right away. Write down the basic steps to complete your loved one’s goal and demonstrate it several times before having your loved one complete the steps by themselves.

Discuss information security and online safety.

Although your loved one doesn’t need to know about the intricate details of internet usage right away, you should spend a little time discussing the basics of internet safety. Explain why your loved one shouldn’t click on links inside emails that are from unrecognized senders. Explain how to identify suspicious emails and websites, and discuss how to protect sensitive information.

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