How To Clean Your Hearing Aids

If you are new to hearing aids, you might not know how to clean them yourself at home. In spite of this, it's important that your hearing aids are cleaned regularly as that will prolong the longevity of the devices. Below, we have put together a list of tips for cleaning your hearing aids, how to maintain them, and when to visit an audiologist for help.

Tools For Your Hearing Aids

When getting ready to clean your hearing aids, the first thing you will need is the right set of tools. A hearing aid cleaning brush has a soft brush head attached to help clean out the body, soundport, and faceplate of a hearing device. Use a wax pick to get into the smaller crevices that are harder to reach.

Clean Based On Your Type Of Hearing Aid

How you clean your hearing aid depends on the type of hearing aid you have. For an ITE hearing aid, start by cleaning the openings with a brush. Have the opening face toward the floor so that anything being cleaned will fall out instead of being lodged further. Use a wax pick to clean out anything stuck in the crevices. Finish by wiping the entire device with a dry, soft cloth.

For a BTE hearing aid, use a brush first. Remove the earmold from the hook and clean it with a soft cloth. Use a bulb blower to remove extra water from the tubing. Let the earmold dry completely overnight.

Be Proactive In Keeping Your Hearing Aids Clean

Certain activities can cause hearing aids to become dirty or need repair. Ear wax build up is a common reason for daily hearing aid cleaning. You should remove your hearing aids before spraying on hair gel, using a hair dryer, applying facial lotion or makeup. Do not wear hearing aids while taking a shower or bath, as this can damage them.

There are a few reasons to visit your audiologist to see if your hearing aids need repair or replacement. One reason is if your hearing aid is more than three years old. If your hearing aid has been stepped on or crushed, it probably is not repairable and should be replaced. If you have had multiple repairs on your hearing aid, it may simply be on its way out and needs replacement. Whether you need tools to clean your hearing aid, help with the cleaning process, or are uncertain if you need repair services, contact Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Center in Sierra Vista, AZ, for help with all of your questions.