Gifts To Get Your Loved One To Make Them Feel At Home

Whether your loved one needs full time inpatient care or assisted living, there will be that period of adjustment when they are getting accustomed to their new surroundings and they will need your support. They may be suffering from Alzheimer's, Dementia, Aphasia or another condition, or they may just need occupational therapy and/or physical therapy. Whatever the case, you will need to go that extra mile to help them make the transition to their new home.

The word transition sounds so smooth and painless. Even if one gets lucky and the move is seamless there can still be issues with new routines and different surroundings, as well as other various things we all take for granted. Your family member needs a little extra support during this time.

It is important to take your loved one’s personality into account. Are their needs more simple and homespun? You could start with two or more small tables of their choice. Set these tables up in their room just like they were in their living room at home. Using the same coverings, the same pictures and what decorations. Look into if you are permitted to bring furniture from home - maybe their favorite chair is a must have for the new place. Try to keep those little things in mind - they may need a small throw for when it is chilly, for example.

You can also consider a simple project, such as using a door-hanging or wall-mounted shoe organizer to store some items in a more visual way. Imagine a large piece of fabric with at least 15 clear pockets attached to it. These clear pockets can hold pictures of their children, grandchildren and so on. Last but not least, you can consider bringing their favorite coffee mug or a big area rug. How could anyone not feel at home in this setting?

Perhaps they have a more minimalist personality. Consider a simple reminder of familiar faces - one big picture of the family on the wall or a small snapshot in a simple frame on their favorite table. On the table you can include a holder for their reading glasses.

Getting your loved ones to feel right at home wherever they are can be simple. A winning combination of picking a high-quality and well-staffed assisted living facility such as Life Care Center of Sierra Vista, your loving support, and a few comforts from home should put you on the right track.