Getting Crafty In A Nursing Home

Crafts are a meaningful activity for those with dementia, arthritis, Alzheimer's and more in an assisted living setting. It's a human need to be productive and to have activities to take part in. This is true of people from toddlers to the most elderly. Even when debilitating illnesses and conditions enter the lives of individuals, this need does not go away.

Crafts do more than simply occupy the time of seniors. They also can help to fight their symptoms. The mind and body stay active, strengthening the entire person in the process. Your on-site physician will be a valuable resource when assessing the functional capacity of residents, but here are a few craft ideas to consider.

Finger Painting

Finger painting isn’t just for kids. People of any age would enjoy this activity if they’d only give it a try. Fingerprinting is perfect for those with illnesses and conditions. There aren’t a lot of tools involved and it’s quite simple. There also aren’t any lines to stay within. This allows individuals to be creative, have fun and not worry if their picture isn’t perfect. They also will enjoy displaying the artwork in their room or giving it to a friend or family member.

Modeling Clay

Those with severe illnesses or conditions can really benefit from modeling-clay sessions. Clay can be a lot of fun, offers a chance to be creative, is a low-pressure activity and can strengthen the hands. The product is affordable and dries on its own. This is a great craft to challenge and encourage those with conditions and illnesses. There is a neat-looking craft to show off afterward as well.


Beading can be an excellent activity for those with illnesses and conditions. It’s important to pass up minuscule beads and line that require hawk-like eyesight and dexterity. Instead, you’ll want to use pony beads. These larger beads can be made into keychains, necklaces and bracelets. Certain days will be better for those with conditions and illnesses than others. If you find that this activity becomes frustrating for a resident, it’s best put the beads away for another day.

There are plenty of other worthy crafts to consider besides these three. Stamping, coloring with markers and painting birdhouses are a few other ideas. You can help to improve the mind, body and morale of sufferers through these activities while having plenty of fun in the process. Never underestimate the valuable role that crafts can play in life care services, such as those offered at Life Care Center in Sierra Vista, AZ.