FAQs About Buying Your First Car

FAQs About Buying Your First Car

Buying your first car is exciting—but it can also be scary. Every first-time buyer who walks into a car dealership has lots of questions and feels unsure about what to expect. If you are feeling a little nervous about taking the leap and buying your first car, doing a little research beforehand can help. These answers to common questions from first-time car shoppers will help you understand some of the basics.

How much should I spend?

Of course, the cost of the car will be a major consideration. You should consider both the overall cost of the car—including financing, interest, insurance, maintenance, and fuel—and the monthly payment for the car. It helps to look at all of your monthly expenses and determine how much you actually have left over for a car. As a general rule of thumb, all of your debt payments, including your car loan, should be less than 36% of your income. Don’t spend all of the money you have left after your monthly expenses on your car payment. You should leave yourself room for emergencies—car-related or otherwise.

Do I have to haggle?

Haggling is part of every car purchase in the movies, but how much you have to do it in real life depends on the dealership. If you go to a dealership that is upfront about pricing and listens to your needs and your budget, then you can feel more confident about walking away with a fair deal. Taking the time to do some research before you go can also help you feel more secure in your knowledge of what is and isn’t a good deal.

What is the most important thing to look for in a car?

After you have found cars that are in your budget, the next step is to prioritize your needs. Reliability is naturally an important factor, but what is important to you in a car will depend on your personal preferences and your individual circumstances. Think about what matter to you, and you’ll have a more productive day at the dealership!

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