Common Questions About Driving a Hybrid

Hybrid vehicles feature both an electric motor and a gasoline engine. By using electricity as its primary fuel, a hybrid car can significantly reduce its harmful emissions. These days, countless people drive hybrids, because they are better for the environment. Plus, a hybrid car is better for your budget, as you won’t need to spend nearly as much on gas. Are hybrids only available in front wheel drive (FWD)? No! Many hybrids feature all-wheel drive (AWD). The Toyota Prius and the Toyota Highlander are a couple of examples. However, if you decide you don’t need an AWD vehicle, you can definitely find a hybrid car with FWD. One example is the Toyota Corolla Hybrid, which couples the classic styling of the popular Corolla sedan with the environmental friendliness of a hybrid motor. When does the car switch from one power source to the other? It’s a common misconception that a hybrid will run solely on its electric battery, and then switch to the gas when the battery is used up. Actually, the most efficient models run the motors in tandem with each other. The vehicle’s power control unit varies the amount of drive it derives from each motor, depending on the car’s needs at any given time. For example, electric motors are more efficient for in-town driving, so you’ll use more electric power for that. When you drive on the highway, you’ll primarily be using the gas. Are hybrid vehicles safe? Yes, hybrid vehicles have been proven to be just as safe as conventional cars under most circumstances. One potential hazard is the risk of electrocution from the NiCad battery pack if it sustains damage in a crash. However, if you purchase a Prius or another Toyota hybrid, you won’t have to worry about this. The manufacturer has already addressed this potential risk. If you’re looking for a great deal on a new or certified pre-owned hybrid, you can head over to Sierra Toyota. Their inventory in Sierra Vista, AZ includes the Prius, Prius Prime, Highlander Hybrid, and more! If you have any questions, you can call their friendly office staff at (520) 458-8880.