Choosing Between a Sedan, Hatchback, and SUV

Choosing Between a Sedan, Hatchback, and SUV

Shopping for a new or used car can be so confusing these days, partially because there are so many options to choose from. Before you can launch your car search in earnest, you will need to decide whether a sedan, hatchback, or SUV best fits your needs and lifestyle. There are many advantages to each style. Here are some factors you may want to consider.

Benefits of Choosing a Sedan

These days, sedans are often considered “old school,” but there are many perks to being a traditionalist. Sedans tend to have excellent maneuverability, especially when compared to larger vehicles that don’t always handle sudden turns well. While sedans lack the storage space of a larger vehicle, they do offer plenty of room for individuals and small families. They’re also incredibly easy to parallel park, making them great for people living in urban areas. Plus, sedans tend to be more fuel-efficient than larger vehicles.

Benefits of Choosing a Hatchback

For people who want a bit more storage space than a sedan, but without the bulkiness of an SUV, a hatchback can be the perfect compromise. Hatchbacks are zippier than SUVs, and more capable of maneuvering around traffic and parking in tight spaces. In some models, the backseats fold down, making them an excellent choice for people who often need to transport large or bulky items. Hatchbacks also tend to offer a stylish, streamlined design.

Benefits of Choosing an SUV

For sheer size and power, few things beat an SUV (except a truck, of course). Sport utility vehicles are as capable of transporting a soccer squad as they are of going off-roading. SUVs tend to have a higher ground clearance and a higher center of gravity. This makes for a smooth ride, but it does also compromise a bit on maneuverability. Many of them have AWD for added safety.

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